• July 5, 2020 6:33 am
  • Hawaii

For this kit you will need to buy the frame wood at a home-depot store for $200 . The instructions lay out exactly what to tell a home-depot employee to cut the frame for you. Because the connectors super-impose all of the complex angles, you just need two variants of 90 degree cuts made on basic 1×2 wood labeled A and B lengths.

Email justchristopher123@gmail.com to inquire.

Our domes are:

  • Waterproof
  • Portable
  • 17.5 feet in diameter by default, (tell us what size you want).
  • Fabricated with modern yurt materials
  • Easy to repair
  • Easy to customize
  • Easy to insulate.

The kits assemble with cabinet screws and roofing screws. Very portable and easy to take down. The domes do not need to be on a level platform, but we include layman plans on how to build a portable aircrete/concrete  decagon foundation.

These things can be whatever you need them to be. They are quite a bit easier to get away with in terms of permitting as well.


  • Waterproof roofing panels that screw
  • Full geodesic dome connector kit.
  • Complete dome construction guide
  • All fasteners, materials, and screws required to finish structure excluding frame wood.



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