• September 23, 2020 6:45 pm
  • New York
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$55,000total price

I am selling my yurt house in mid-build. NOT THE LAND. The house must be disassembled and brought to YOUR land. Think of it as a house kit with all the parts pre-cut and pre-assembled. Life has taken us a new and exciting direction but this project can’t come with us. It breaks my heart to sell her… It’s the most house per dollar that I could dream up, and I dreamed up a LOT. You can see the plans I drew up (last photo) but I haven’t done the interior framing. So here’s the deal…

Everything was being built up to or exceeding NYS code with town approval. 1,727 Sq Ft of living space set up to have a radiant floor system (Pex-Al-Pex tubing and heat transfer plates included) with wood boiler (never purchased so not included), backup on-demand propane water heater (included) and a soapstone woodstove (included) in the main living area as supplemental heat, but of course how you heat it is up to you. ***ELECTRIC AND PLUMBING NOT INSTALLED OR INCLUDED***. White cedar shingle siding comes with it – enough to do about 90% of the wood framed structure (We’ll call it the ‘breezeway’ -that’s the 4-Season Porch (14’6”x14’6”), utility room, laundry room, hallway, and half bath. I even tore down a local barn and salvaged the wood to create a beautiful exposed barn beam look in the hallway. The yurts are a 27’ Colorado Yurt and a 30’ Pacific yurt, practically identical, both around 10 years old but in excellent shape. What you see is what you’re buying; the project is at a midpoint. There is no plumbing or electric or interior. If I were continuing the project I would probably spend another $15k to finish it but it depends of course on the quality of materials you go with and if you buy new or used. I’m all about buying used, even floor boards, cabinets, etc. There are hundreds and hundreds of hours of my labor in this. Keep in mind taking it down and putting it back up will most definitely NOT take that long. The time consuming stuff is in the details – all the designing, measuring, cutting, trial and error, etc. The yurts themselves each take about 3 full days to put up or take down (with 2 helpers) or 5 or 6 days if you do it alone.

My goal here is to cut my losses, so no matter what I do there’s no profit in this sale for me. The amount of time I’ve spent on this is unreal and I can’t get that back, OR the money I spent installing a septic, the water line, the footers and the underground electric service. It will be an INCREDIBLY affordable house for someone who has the land and can put in the effort. I can help coordinate the deconstruction and give advice but I’m very busy setting up the next stage of life for my family so I’m not available to actually help take it down. I built it nearly 100% by myself with the exception of lifting beams and rafters into place (my wife helped) so I know it can be done, especially if you have a small team and a big trailer.

What I paid for materials, broken down generally (but accurately):

$10k Colorado Yurt & platform

$10k Pacific Yurt & platform

$1,500 windows in Colorado Yurt (Low E, argon gas filled)

$1,100 propane on-demand water heater

$1,300 Soapstone Woodstove (bought used)

$1,000 R-6 per inch Rigid foam insulation, various thicknesses (It’s at least a $4k value – I got a heck of a deal from a guy I know) – enough for the floor in the Pacific Yurt plus the walls in the porch plus the attic in the breezeway, plus maybe a little extra

$3,000 R-19 Sheep wool insulation (enough for the ceiling in the Colorado Yurt – new, never installed)

$15,150 Building materials for the ‘breezeway’ – Lowes, Home Depot & other Hardware Stores

$500 8’x8’ French Door (this was a steal!!!)

$150 8’ glass door (also a great deal)

$450 40 Gal well tank

$150ish Electric panel (breaker box and breakers)

$670 Pex-Al-Pex radiant floor tubing (the good stuff with an aluminum layer)

$1,330 Heat transfer plates for radiant floor

$220 Toilet



+ many hundreds of hours of labor


= $55,000


  • 2 yurts
  • large 4 season porch
  • breezeway with attached utility room and room for wood storage


126 Callahan Ln,12827,New York

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