• August 21, 2020 2:06 am
  • North Dakota
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$5,450total price

1.Assembling nomad style of Yurt with large windows

2. Strong wood structure with water based lacquer

3.Double glass windows and western lock

4.Water proved rain cover

5. Flexi  glass crown

6.100% quality sheep wool cover

7.Double glass windows & western lock

Made in Mongolia in European quality ( Yurt Asia)

Not included: deliver, platform and build up cost. We will provide a instruction of set up yurt.

Upon the request able to organize a any extra spare part of wood, felt and canvas parts with a extra costs from Mongolia.


  • 6meters/20' diameter quality Mongolian yurt for sale for cost price due to Covid-19 circumstances.
  • 1. Assembling nomad yurt hand made of strong wood structure painted by water based natural lacquer. Large windows with double glass and western lock (check parts of wood below)
  • 2. Interior white cotton cover
  • 3. Industrial produced 12mm thick 100sheep wool for insulation
  • 4. Water proved canvas
  • 5. External cover with traditional pattern
  • 6. Belting
  • Available any spare parts of yurt to deliver to your home address from Mongolia during a use of Yurt. Parts of Wood:
  • a. Entrance door with three windows.1 piece.
  • b. Full side window.2 pieces.
  • c. Supporting poles. 2 pieces.
  • d. Crown. There are 4 robes on the side attached. Flexi glasses are attached.1 piece.
  • e. Walls. 6 pieces. ( comes with a robes to attach them)
  • f. Long sticks. 83 pieces. Total 4 packs. ( extra 1-2 pieces )
  • g. Felt cover ( side) . 4 pieces.
  • h. Felt cover( Roof)2 pieces
  • i. Soft covers: 1.Inside cover( white cotton); 2.Outside cover ( white strong cotton)3. Crown cover ( white cotton material); 4. Rain cover ( white canvas material)
  • j. Western lock & handle
  • k. Belting
  • Thank you for your interest of my beautiful Yurt.

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