• July 17, 2020 3:36 pm
  • United States (Other)

I bought this lovely structure gently used a couple of years ago. The yurt was used for yoga instruction for a couple of years before the original owners sold the property and took it down to store. When I purchased it, my intention was to upgrade from a 24’ yurt I had previously used for my own yoga classes. However, things have evolved and I am willing to let it go if there is a buyer out there. It is all disassembled and ready to be picked up. It has been stored safely out of the weather, in a garage. This yurt is extremely solid, and well constructed and will serve you well.



  • Wood framing and doors handcrafted by White Mountain
  • Yurt. Cladding/tent material, insulation, etc from Pacific Yurt.
  • Green sidewalls with beige roof
  • Snow/wind package
  • Insulation for roof AND walls
  • 2 full height wood exterior doors – single door and a double french door
  • operable dome


01367,United States (Other)

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