• March 4, 2021 9:33 pm
  • United States (Other)
$5,000total price

This yurt served us well for about 20 years but now needs a new weather roof cover and inner roof liner.  The original 15-year roof cover was lost to a severe windstorm once the edge seam had started to fail.  The roof insulation is saved.  The dome is intact.  The wall panels and related insulation remain, as does a second, windowless wall weather cover (green) we added to cover the original windows when the clear acrylic crazed.  The yurt is now surplus to our business plan since our 2 smaller Nesting Bird units serve our B & B well (maryroseherbfarm.com).  We seek a buyer who will dismantle and remove the frame.  Location is southern Indiana, just south of Interstate 64 about 70 miles west of Louisville, KY.


  • Original 30-foot Nesting Bird yurt frame with roof and wall insulation, acrylic dome, wall panels, door, and a second will covering per our images.
  • Deck is not included

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