• July 17, 2020 10:25 pm
  • Virginia
$8,000total price

These yurts (Gers) are designed to be easy to take apart, transport, and reconstruct. Despite this portability, they are warm enough to keep the coldest winter temperatures at bay and strong enough to withstand strong winds and the demands of a whole family. All these individual parts, the rafters, crown, door, and central columns (pillars), of these yurts are handmade and hand painted by families and sourced to be the best available, making these gems the best quality one can find. Decorative paintings are exceptional compared to others on the market. This traditional Mongolian yurt (ger) has 5 wall panels, comes to roughly 19.5’ (6 m), 286sq ft (26.4sq m) Highest point/pillars of the yurt is 8’4”, diameter of the crown in 4’11, height of walls and door is 5’. Entire package comes to roughly about 1500 lbs. Yurt is a circular structure built using a wooden, accordion frame that can be easily taken down, made compact for carrying, and reassembled. On this frame are placed layers of felt, traditionally made from sheep’s wool, and an outer layer of waterproof canvas. The felt and canvas are secured to the wooden frame and can stand securely in one place for months or even years at a time. Comes complete with stove, stovepipe, wood carrier and decorative liner, which is not shown on the picture. Delivery and/or assembly assistance maybe possible within certain area for additional price.

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