• March 23, 2021 3:36 am
  • Washington

Priced to sell. Rare Nesting Bird yurt – 18 foot with beautiful mahogany woodwork (French door, ceiling ring), clear fir rafters and lattice wall. (Nesting Bird is now Rainier Yurt Co in WA State, reputable and large company, great support, parts, add-ons available) BRAND NEW WALLS, “Natural” color (off-white/ivory), with brown/black vinyl bottom. Fire, water, and mildew resistance built into new canvas as most new canvases are. White roof. Insulated interior walls in nice condition (white). Brand new roof/valance double stitching- a standard weak point due to UV breakdown, now buttressed for longevity. Decades of life left in this yurt. Beautiful re-finished mahogany French door and roof ring. Not “perfect” but fundamentally sound and strong, and in great shape overall. Not a single crack in the wood anywhere, virtually no imperfections in that regard, everything strong and as new if not otherwise stated.

Also available: complete 22’x24′ Platform/deck (1250) and circular sub floor (1250). (5/8 plywood, treated, but seasoned deck boards, 2×6, 2×8 construction, 2×12’s available if desired). Stain it whatever colour you like. No footings, posts, stairs or insulation, since this is site specific and a personal choice.

Yurt is not currently assembled. Pictures available on request. I posted one which IS AN ACCURATE SIMILE (Color, french door, lattice, approx size, looks just like it except this one has black/brown vinyl at the bottom of the walls for wear, rain splash/mud etc.)

Imperfections are as follows:

– some small cracking in the roof vinyl, easy to re-seal once it’s assembled to be safe. Professional assessment says it will “last forever”. Of course the roof is important and everyone would like a perfect, brand new one. The roof should last decades, but I’m mentioning it to be fair. There are also easy, effective options to patch, should you ever need to, even in the case of damage from a falling tree or heavy branch etc. They’re easy to work with.

-plastic dome has a broken piece on the flat edging, below where it would be effected by rain, but again, it’s there.

-one fir rafter has a bow, could be straightened or fine to install as is, as it wont affect a thing. Every other piece is straight as an arrow.

-missing pieces of roof insulation. It’s standard from your local building supply store, and not expensive (maybe $150 new). Its the only material for the unit that’s not yurt specific, so it’s easy to replace. These get put on between ceiling liner and exterior roof.

-ceiling liner in decent looking clean shape, but along rafter placement area, there are some small tears and red color staining that wont be an issue or even seen once assembled, but mentioning it. A light wash would freshen it up nicely. Interior walls recently given light wash and they turned out very well.

Delivery and installation/assembly possible. Thanks!



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